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Bold as Brass Podcast

Aug 24, 2021

On Friday 23rd July 2021 we held our 10K celebration event live on Facebook. We brought together a panel of 9 previous guests to discuss topics submitted by audience members and it was a really interesting conversation and lots of fun.

Our panel comprised the following superstars:

Amy Schumaker Bliss: @amyschumakerbliss
Anneke Scott: @travellinghornplayer
Andy Baker: @andybakertrombone
Andy Kershaw: @queenvictoriasconsort
Ashley Killam: @ashleykillam
Callum Rookes: @callum_rookes_conductor
Christian Jones @christianjonestrombone
Hailey Brinnel: @haileybrinnel
Steven Mead: @mrstevenmead

Show artwork: Stuart Crane
Music credit: Upbeat Forever by Kevin MacLeod