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Bold as Brass Podcast

Jan 28, 2024

In this brief return episode tubist Jonathan Gawn and euphonium player and improviser (and previous pod guest!) Martin Lee Thomson tell us about their involvement with the Lower Brass Days in partnership with St Mary's Music School.

More event info below:

There will be a series of free Lower Brass events to celebrate the trombone, euphonium, tuba, tenor horn, and baritone horn, raising awareness of these instruments and the possible pathways for those wishing to take up an instrument of this type.

St Mary's Music school, in partnership with leading brass players and industry specialists, have created two separate events (the first in Edinburgh on 24 February and the second in Elgin on 25 February 2024) to which players are welcome to participate and observe. There is group activity, warm ups, ensembles, and concerts and individuals can sign up to take part in a masterclass, whether a beginner or an advanced player. Parents and schools are invited to come along and observe and try their hand at any of the featured instruments generously supplied by Buffet Crampon.

There should be something for everyone from the youngest player at the beginning of their journey to the seasoned professional with a chance to expand on their community building and exchange as part of their continuous professional development. 

To take part or learn more, please visit: 

Facebook: Bold as Brass Podcast
Instagram: @boldasbrasspodcast

Show artwork: Stuart Crane
Music credit: Upbeat Forever by Kevin MacLeod